Our Board

WW-FREE is a Washington state non-profit corporation. The members of our board of directors represent each participating utility and each recipient college. Their duty is to see that the best interests of the participants, and our community, are served.

scottpetersbioScott Peters currently serves as Manager of Marketing & Member Services at Columbia REA. He is a board member and Program Chair at the Rotary Club of Walla Walla, and participates in the Walla Walla Leadership Network, an association to identify, engage and prepare emerging leaders for nonprofit board service. Prior to coming to Walla Walla, Scott worked as Member Relations Manager at Golden Valley Electric Association. His degree is from the University of Missouri-Columbia, College of Business.
billclemensbioBill Clemens is regional community manager for Pacific Power. His region includes not only Walla Walla, but also parts of Columbia and Garfield counties. He is active in community development in each county, advising and participating on several projects. He serves on the Executive Board of Blue Mountain Station, a development fostering the growth of local artisan food processing and local agricultural industry. Bill has also served on the board of the Dayton Chamber of Commerce.
jamespetersonbioJames Peterson is Vice President of Administrative Services at WWCC. He has also served as director of the William A. Grant Water & Environmental Center, and has led WWCC’s sustainability committee and program. Jim is active in several public service projects in Walla Walla and its surroundings, and continues to be a driving force in preparing Walla Walla and WWCC’s students for tomorrow’s challenges. He has both his bachelor and master’s degrees from Washington State University.
dougloganbioDouglas Logan is Dean of Engineering at the Edward F. Cross School of Engineering at WWU. He has previously served as Vice President of Power Costs, Inc., and as a principal at Platts Research & Consulting / RDI Consulting and as a manager for Utility Planning and Analysis at Hagler Bailly Consulting. Previous to that he was a Senior Engineer at Pacific Gas and Electric Company. He brings a wealth of experience in the energy industry and has both a masters and Ph.D. from Stanford University.
robertcarsonbioRobert Carson is a professor of Geology at Whitman College. He considers himself an environmental geologist and a Quaternary geologist. His professional geologic career began with Texaco, exploring for petroleum in Louisiana and phosphate in Florida. He also worked as a geologist for the Washington Department of Ecology and the Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources. Bob’s teaching career began at North Carolina State University and then at the University of Oregon. He has been on the faculty of Whitman college since 1975.
fredsmallFrederic Liebrand is a professor of physics at Walla Walla University.  He has resided in Walla Walla for over two decades with his wife, Edith, and family, Myriam and Andrew.  He is active in WWU’s environmental science program and in the civic life of his community.